1st Spring Release Planned

China will release another captive-bred giant panda into the wild in the spring, according to the China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda (CCRCGP). Hua Yan, a two-year-old female, will be the sixth giant panda bred in captivity to be released into the wild after completing a two-year …

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The Wonderful Mr.Wu

Three years ago, Bai Yun gave birth to her sixth tiny, squawking cub. Barely the size of a Twinkie, Xiao Liwu (pronounced jhou lee woo), or “Mr. Wu,” as he was nicknamed, still exemplifies the meaning of his Chinese name: little gift. Now, as an adolescent bear, he tips the …

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Panda Taishan

Taishan-His Life Now With all of the attention Bao Bao and Bei Bei have been getting, the Washington Post took time out to revisit the Smithsonian Zoo’s 1st superstar cub – Tai Shan! DUJIANGYAN PANDA BASE, CHINA – At a villa perched on a lush hillside here, the giant panda …

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Pandas Found In Foping

In these 2 days(Dec.21 and Dec.22,2015),CCTV staff visited Foping Nature Reserve, Shanxi Province.One adult panda was seen in Paifang Valley. The other young panda and the adult panda were found in Donggou. It’s amazing that 3 pandas were witnessed in 2 days! VIP Panda Tour Panda Volunteer Explore Wild Panda …

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Wild Panda Rescued

On December 6th, 2015, a sick wild panda was found in the Mahuang(leech)Valley,Baoxing.Very soon, It was transferred to Dujiangyan Panda Rescue Center. After a good treatment of panda experts, it’s recovering.

Panda Released into the Wild

The panda, Huajiao, was released into the wild of Liziping Nature Reserve, Shimian ,Sichuan. This is the 5th giant panda, from Wolong Panda Research Center, which has been released into the wild. Huajiao, a female, was born in Hetaoping Base on July 6, 2013. She’s been well-trained there. VIP Panda Tour …

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Wild Panda Twins Found

On Oct. 21,2015, a picture of wild panda twins was taken through a camera set on the Niutou(Ox Head) Mountain of Wolong Nature Reserve.In the picture, panda twins are playing with each other. It’rare to see wild panda twins!